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Preparing our body and mind for the work ahead

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Getting into a regular habit of checking in with yourself when you begin your day can help raise awareness of how you feel and how this changes as you go about your usual routines. Try this exercise to establish how you are in this present moment. Taking this snapshot will help you recognise when you feel off, when you are triggered, tired or overwhelmed and you will be able to take a small step to try and regain a sense of balance. Remember to be curious and compassionate - it is OK to have an off day, just notice it, be curious about it, and above all, be kind to yourself.


  1. How is my body feeling today?

  2. What is the sensation in my body right now?

  3. If this [sensation/body part] could speak right now, what would it say?

(Mischke-Reeds, M., Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox)

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