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Autumn - a time for gentle transition

As we wake after the adjusting of the clocks, notice the feeling of that added hour.

Some may feel the benefit of extra sleep, some may enjoy the extra time awake. For others it can feel unsettling; an interruption of routines and a need for more time to recalibrate. For those night workers, or people already facing difficult challenges, it may have brought added pressure.

Autumn brings change and transition.

Katherine May's "Wintering" reminds us that the bare trees are not dying but the life of the woodland: providing mulch for the forest floor; a home and food source for wildlife, safely anchored through the worst of the season's storms.

There is no sudden bursting back into life in spring, but merely a slow putting on of a new coat for the new season, the buds already there, revealed by the autumn leaf fall.

The book encourages us to attune to nature, to go with the ebb and flow of the seasons. It reminds us that this is a gradual, natural process, not a sudden jolt.

As the sun sets later today, an hour earlier than yesterday, it might feel like a jolt, rather than that gentle transition so look for ways to be extra gentle with yourself.

Reference: "Wintering" - Katherine May, 2020. Penguin Random House UK.

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